Joel Shults for Sheriff 2022

For a Better, Safer Huerfano for your family

text or call 1-719-937-1989

I'll need 2000 Huerfano voters to vote for a better, safer Huerfano for your family. Join the Shults for Huerfano movement!

  • Military service veteran
  • Law enforcement executive experience
  • Nationally known police trainer
  • Emergency management experience
  • Coroner's office death investigator
  • Member American Legion
  • NRA member
  • Criminal justice educator
  • Long-term Southern Colorado resident/property owner
  • Served as Walsenburg Municipal Judge
  • ​Police academy Director
  • P.O.S.T. subject matter expert
  • Boards served: domestic violence, 911, anti-violence, substance abuse, police training, sexual assault, child abuse review team, Crime Stoppers,CBI white collar crime victim advocate

What are the issues?

*Accountability and Transparency*

Law enforcement across the country is struggling to regain the public's trust. This is true in Huerfano County as well.

  • I will appoint a citizen panel to review the department's efficiency and effectiveness of our policies and procedures, as well as to receive complaints and suggestions from residents.

  • I will publish the department's policies and statistics on a readily accessible website. 
  • I will establish a Tip Line to report information on possible criminal activity
  • I will alert the public to ongoing criminal activity and safety concerns as soon as possible via social media and Code Red

*Staffing Crisis*

  • I will fight for better working conditions and compensation for our dedicated deputies, detention officers, and communications officers
  • I will use force multipliers such as reserve officers, part-time officers, citizen volunteers, and interns to augment our deputies and respond to non-emergency calls
  • I will create a detective position to fully investigate crimes
  • I will make use of technology to improve effectiveness 
  • I will provide evidence collection equipment to EVERY deputy


  • I will MAKE SURE that deputies complete MANDATORY training according to the law requiring continuing education
  • I will take advantage of the FREE training available from our regional P.O.S.T. training region
  • I will make public the department training programs
  • ​I will provide training to the public in crime prevention and self-defense

*Walsenburg Law Enforcement Contract*

  •  The citizens of the city of Walsenburg have not gotten the full value required in the agreement. I pledge to provide a high level of service to the residents of the city limits without sacrificing service to the county.