Dr. Shults recommends a book to help develop your communication and relationship skills.

A common problem that interferes with relaxation and sleep is intrusive thoughts. Here are some tips to clear your mind.

We can be encouraged that the feelings we have after a major event in our lives are normal!

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Dr. Shults explains why gratitude can balance our thinking.

Dr. Shults explains why your "serious face"

can be the safest.

Here are some tips for doing a self assessment of our state of mind.

Dr. Shults recommends When Cops Kill - a must read for police before they get involved in a major UOF event.

Dr. Shults discusses how to cope with the "police personality".

Dr. Shults recommends a book  if your child is having major behavior problems.

Dr. Shults recommends a couple of helpful books on marriage.

How often do you feel angry? Dr. Shults addresses the sources of and responses to feelings of anger.

Dr. Shults addresses the tactical issues associated with stress management.

Dr. Shults reminds us that ego threats can cause aggression.

Shults reframes stress as a tactical survival issue.